Pastured Tastes Better.


At PTB, we grow just under an acre of mixed vegetables for our Coop program and farmers markets. We see our soils as the heart of our entire operation, and nowhere is this more true than in the garden. We use compost, mineral amendments, cover crops, and natural mulching to protect and enhance the vitality of our soils.

We follow organic practices on our farm and work hard to produce the best tasting and healthiest fruits and vegetables possible. We do not use ANY synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides, EVER.  In fact, we don't use any sprays - even the ones permissible in certificated organic production -- making our produce "beyond organic." Because of the small scale of the operation and our direct-to-consumer sales, getting a third-party organic certification does not make sense. Instead, we consider our community of customers to be our "certifiers," and we welcome you to come out to the farm (and help out in the garden!) to learn about the operation first-hand. We always pay attention to the living ecosystem and strive to build soil and foster richer interactions between the micro and macro-biota throughout the farm. For the most part, we start our vegetables and flowers in our propagation house and grow the healthiest starts we can. We amend our soils with lime, composted horse manure, and OMRI-approved fertilizer. We weed by hand and mulch as much as possible. We use drip irrigation from a potable well source. We use insect barriers to exclude "bad bugs" from certain crops at certain times, but our overall approach to is to bring bugs in balance by creating a healthy system.

Our vegetables, fruits, cut flower arrangements and mushrooms are available at the Greensboro Curb Market every Saturday from 7am to noon and at the Old Salem Cobblestone Market in Winston-Salem, 9am-12 noon May-November. We sell out quickly, so be sure to get there early for the best variety!

If you are organizing a special event or are a chef interested in specific ingredients and quantities, be sure to contact us directly. We will gladly give you a list of prices and varieties, and work with you to fit your needs.