|  summer grilling  |

a curated box of meat to keep your grill full all summer long

This is a one-time only deal! We will only offer this deal ONCE this summer, so be sure to sign up now to get in on it!

The Summer Grilling Meat Box will be available for pickup on the farm the first Sunday in June from 5-7pm. That's Sunday, June 3 from 5-7pm.

The Summer Grilling Meat Box is $250 and is payable in advance, and by reservation only.

The Summer Grilling Meat Box from PTB Farm is a one-time box that we will fill with the finest cuts perfect for your grill, like steaks, hamburger meat, sausage links, ribs, and more!

Each box will contain approximately 30 pounds of meat and will contain a variety of cuts from both our pork and beef. The Summer Grilling box should easily fit in your freezer, but you may want to double check you have space before the pickup date. You'll be able to "shop your freezer" all summer long and planning an impromptu grill out or gathering with friends on the deck will be a breeze!

The farm is located at 600 Church St. Ext. Reidsville NC 27320 (about 20 minutes north of downtown Greensboro, and about 45 minutes east of downtown Winston Salem)

To sign up, please fill out the form below and mail or bring us a check at market (we do not take online payments at this time).

| sample summer grilling meat box |

*actual items and weights may vary*

-beef steaks  - a variety of 6-10oz steaks like ribeye, sirloin, ny strip, and skirt steak -  4lbs

- ground beef - each one pound pack will make 4 1/4lb or 3 1/3 pound burgers - 8 lbs

-pork belly - you haven't lived until you've grilled pork belly - 3lbs

-pork kebab - stick it on a stick, add some veggies - 2 lbs

- beef kebab - same as above, just remember that veggies are yum too! - 2lbs

-pork sausage links - a variety of our most popular link sausage varieties like hot italian sausage and bratwurst, each pack has 4 sausages - 8 packs

-pork shoulder - a bone-in cut perfect for throwing on the grill, think: bbq - 3.5 lbs


If you think this all sounds great, and you want to reserve your Summer Grilling Box for on farm pickup, then fill out the form below!

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