2017 PTB FARM Coop Membership Form

 For more information about membership levels, pick up locations and times, FAQs, and more, please visit our Farm COOP page.

This is the membership agreement between us, your farmers, and you, our member. Please Read and fill out in full!

PTB Farm will strive to grow a diverse range of the highest quality meats, produce, flowers, and mushrooms. By using practices including detailed crop planning, succession planting, applying organic soil amendments, using non-chemical methods of controlling pests and weeds, and keeping a clean farm we will mitigate the risks from weather, pests, and other challenges associated with growing vegetables, mushrooms, flowers, pork, beef, and lamb with natural methods.

We will work to give you the most variety possible each week. Additionally, we will send regular email letters especially to our Coop members to highlight new offerings or recipes.

The PTB Farm Coop is a partnership between farmers and members, and there are some expectations for our Coop members. By signing this form and joining our Coop, you agree to and understand the following:

  • Farming is heavily dependent on weather and climate conditions. On rare occasions, despite best-laid plans, there may be a crop failure.
  • Bugs and other animals can access our fields, sometimes damaging or destroying crops.
  • Coop members may spend down their credit on any items we have available, but must use their credit within one calendar year
  • We value feedback. We need to know how things are going and love to have input on how to improve the Coop.  Please remember that your farmers work long, hard hours and put a lot of time, energy, and emotion into producing the healthiest, tastiest farm products we can. Please keep this in mind when you offer feedback.
  • There are no refunds or further discounts (i.e. your membership balance cannot go towards a bulk meat purchase)

In essence, we promise to grow the best possible food for you in our little piece of the Piedmont Triad. You agree to help take on some of the risk associated with farming by paying for your farm food up front. We will work to ensure your investment turns into valuable, delicious, and healthy vegetables, fruits, flowers, mushrooms, lamb, and pork. We will strive to make the community of our members strong, vibrant, and fun.

Your Farmers,

Hillary and Worth Kimmel

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