Meat Box 2018

| a monthly box of delicious pasture-raised meats for the whole family |

Pick-up is on the farm the 1st Sunday of the month, June-September from 5-7pm.

The Meat Box subscription is $400, payable in advance, and by reservation only.

Each box will weigh approximately 15 pounds and will easily fit in your freezer, so you can have access to the highest quality ingredients all month long!

The Meat Box is a mix of pork and beef and comes with recipes we have collected, curated, and conceived of that highlight the unique flavors and terroir of our pastured meats. We think one box will provide enough meat for approximately 8 meals, with leftovers for a family of 4, or 16+ meals for a family of 2 (these calculations vary based on how much meat you typically eat, the age and preferences of the eaters in your household, and how many veggies/sides/etc you plan to serve). This roughly translates to about $3 per person per meat serving, which we think is an absolutely wonderful deal!

Pick-up dates are: Sunday, June 3, Sunday, July 1, Sunday August 5, and Sunday September 2. 5-7pm

The farm is located at 600 Church St. Ext. Reidsville NC 27320 (about 20 minutes north of downtown Greensboro, and about 45 minutes east of downtown Winston Salem)

To sign up, please fill out the form below and mail or bring us a check at market (we do not take online payments at this time).

| sample meat box |

-pork chops (two per pack, thick cut, bone-in), two packs

- ground beef (one pound packs), four packs

-pork cutlets (four cutlets per pack, boneless), two packs

-beef kebab (one pound packs), one pack

- beef roast (bone-in approximately weight 3lbs), one pack


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