Lamb packages

PTB Farm bulk Lamb Packages are available seasonally. We expect to have bulk packages for the 2017 fall lamb season available in November. We lamb in the winter-spring season, and have lamb cuts available in the summer-winter months.

2017 Lamb package pricing*

 *all packages come cut and wrapped to your specifications, price based on actual weight*

Whole Lamb Package                                                     $12/lb

       approximately 40 pounds of meat                    approximately $480


lamb packages

*all weights and amounts are approximate -- your package may vary *

Roast Choice

Frenched Rack (2) - 6lbs

Shanks  (4)- 5lbs

Ribs  (2)- 3lbs

Bone-in Leg  (2)- 14lbs

Kebab/Stew - 5lbs

Ground  - 8lbs



Farmers Choice

Rib Chops  (16) - 6lbs

Loin Chops (8) - 8lbs

Ground Lamb  - 15lbs

Shanks (4)- 3lbs

Ribs (2)  - 3lbs

Shoulder Chops  (8)- 5lbs