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The PTB Farm Coop is a unique and flexible community supported agriculture (CSA) model for the Piedmont Triad. To accommodate the complex schedules and dietary needs of members, we have designed a more flexible CSA model that still supports us, your farmers, at the time of year we need it most.  The PTB Farm Coop is designed as a Cooperative -- so we call it the Coop, and it works like a farm credit that provides members with 8-10% discount, depending on membership level.  Our Coop membership is a great way to support your farmers by paying up front for your vegetables, meat, mushrooms, and flowers. This helps us pay for seeds, feed, fuel, and marketing costs when farm income is at its yearly low.

Essentially, you are purchasing a farm credit early in the year. Then, you can simply visit our stand at the Old Salem Cobblestone Farmers Market (April-November), or the Greensboro Curb Farmers Market (year-round) and choose the exact farm products you want from our bounty. The PTB Farm Coop is NOT a typical veg-box or CSA box - you do NOT get a weekly box. Our program is 100% a la carte and can be used on any of the products we bring to market.

By becoming a member, you are taking an active role in supporting family farming in the Piedmont Triad agriculture and ensuring that safe, healthy, and ecologically centered food remains viable in this region.

fall radishes

how does the PTB Farm COOP work?

You can use your PTB Coop membership to purchase anything -- veggies, fruits, herbs, flowers, pork, beef or lamb -- we have for sale. We will keep track of your purchases and let you know your balance each time you visit.  We think this arrangement gives members maximum flexibility to enjoy the bounty of our farm, while working to fit the different lives and needs of members. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are to join in this adventure! By becoming a PTB Coop member, you will enjoy a discount on every purchase. These member discounts allow you to share in the bounty throughout the season.

what’s included?

We grow an array of delicious and nutritious vegetables, fruits, and herbs, as well as grass-fed lamb and beef, pastured (GMO-free) pork,  gourmet mushrooms, and seasonal flower bouquets. Throughout the year, members will get to choose from what we have available each week. Some members may opt to only get vegetables, others only meat, while other members may get a weekly sampling of all we have to offer.

Disclaimer: Coop members choose from what's available each week; all items are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

TEll me more!

In exchange for your support, each Coop member will receive a discount on every purchase with us. Thank you for supporting our farm! Your membership buys you a discounted farm credit, and you decide how and when to spend down your credit.  This also means if you are a vegetarian and only want vegetables, mushrooms, and herbs, you can use your credit on only those items.


membership levels

We have 3 different membership levels: Basic $250; Full $400; and Family $600, and we have 3 different discount levels based on when you join the COOP: 10% in January, 9% in February, 8% in March.

membership level          cost         % discount          your credit


Basic                                               $250                          10%                            $275

Full                                                 $400                          10%                            $440

Family                                            $600                          10%                            $660


Basic                                              $250                          9%                           $272.50

Full                                               $400                          9%                           $436

Family                                         $600                            9%                           $654


Basic                                              $250                          8%                        $270

Full                                               $400                           8%                        $432

Family                                           $600                         8%                         $648                      

harvesting shiitake mushrooms

When does my COOP membership expire?

Each membership lasts a year, and members have a full year to spend down your credit balance. We will keep track of your purchases and let you know your balance each time you visit. Please note, previous years' credit balance may not be carried over into the next calendar year, all credit balances must be spent down by December 31.

where/when do i pick up?

As a PTB Coop member, you have the option to use your credit at either of the following locations. Please note the *seasonality* of each pick up option. If you plan on stocking up for a special occasion, please let us know in advance so we can plan and have the right ingredients at the right time. Additionally, if you'd like to come out to the farm for a farm tour or to pick up farm meats and/or veggies, please let us know and we would love to arrange for you to come out! If you have special requests, or would like for us to reserve you something at market, please just email us on Fridays!

at Greensboro Curb Farmers Market Saturdays 7-12, February - December

at Old Salem Cobblestone Farmers Market Saturdays 9-12, April - November

I’m interested, but I can’t afford a COOP membership....

We feel strongly that healthy, high-quality food should not be available only for those who can afford it financially. At both of our farmers markets, we accept EBT/SNAP for all of our meat, veggie, herb, and fruits available. For those wanting to take advantage of the Coop membership, we can offer a limited number of EBT and work-exchange shares. Please inquire for more details.

why it matters

Your investment in our farm helps us start our season. Cash flow is a major issue for every small business, but in farming, the seasonal nature of production and associated income drop is especially significant. This is a major reason why CSAs have been so widely adopted. The modern farmer is continuously managing cash flow for short- and long-term investments. Farmers must find ways to pay for things like seeds, supplies, and farmer’s market dues at the beginning of the season, while income is at its yearly low. With the Coop model, we ask our customers to invest in our season and our business. By buying upfront, in advance of the season, you are helping us fund our spring planting and winter feeding. When you invest in local agriculture in this way, it ensures that local, ecological, and healthy foods will be available throughout the season and in the coming years, in exchange for a commitment to support our farm. For your support, we offer a return on your investment in the form of additional farm credit.

how do i join?

If you are interested in becoming a PTB Farm COOP member, please fill out our membership form here or find us at market to answer any of your questions. We accept cash or check for the COOP membership. We can take your payment via card at market, but will have to add a 3% charge to cover our usage fees. You can find us at market to pay, or drop a check in the mail, payable to PTB Farm 600 Church St Ext, Reidsville NC 27320


planting garlic 2015