2018 fall meat sale

The PTB Farm Fall Meat Sale is an opportunity for you to buy the highest quality meat at the best price while filling up your freezer and supporting our farm!

Buying in bulk means you get all the cuts -- "higher dollar" cuts like pork chops, as well as "lower dollar" cuts like sausage, shank -- at the same price. In fact, you will get a whole or half animal raised in the best possible environment, slaughtered in a humane-handling facility, and cut and wrapped to your specifications. Buying in bulk gives you the opportunity to experiment with new cuts and enjoy the whole beast in new and exciting ways.

The quality of our meat is consistent and excellent from the shank to the loin. If you have not experienced curing a pork belly on your own, cooking spare ribs or figuring out what to do with a shank; then what are you waiting for?

While buying in bulk may start as a wonderful adventure for the first-time purchaser, it will likely become a yearly tradition that is anticipated and enjoyed by friends and family. Buying in bulk allows you to receive an array of fine cuts at a reasonable price. While every animal produces a slightly different amount of meat, you can expect approximately 60 lbs of meat from a half hog, and 120 lbs from a whole. We calculate the exact amount after your meat has been cut and wrapped to your specifications -- you only pay for the actual amount of meat you receive. You can fit a typical half hog into a mostly empty split fridge/freezer unit. We recommend that you set aside 2.5 cu/ft to safely accommodate a half hog.

how it works

Step 1: Reserve your order. Contact us either at Greensboro Curb Farmers Market, at Old Salem Cobblestone Farmers Market or via email or phone to give us your $50 deposit.

Step 2:  Choose your cuts. We have a standard cut sheet but we can customize upon request

Step 3: Pick up your half hog or quarter beef at PTB Farm on one of our scheduled pick-up dates  (approx. 20 minutes from Greensboro and 45 minutes from Winston Salem in southern Rockingham County). Your half will be cut, wrapped, labeled, and frozen for your convenience. We will go over each cut with you and weigh out the entire order to calculate your final cost.

Step 4: Enjoy delicious, AWA and eco-friendly pork and beef over the coming months. Depending on your freezer space and culinary needs, you may find you are ready for another half hog the next fall!

Find us at Greensboro Curb Farmers Market or at the Old Salem Cobblestone Farmers Market to reserve yours!  If you can't reach us at the farmers market, you can email or call us to reserve your bulk order: ptbfarm@gmail.com or 336 706 8612

We require a $50 deposit per half animal to reserve your order, and we will go over the cuts and details with you at the time of your order.

The fall bulk pork pickup date is Friday, October 26 at PTB Farm. Deadline to reserve yours is Sunday, October 7.