The fall freezer sale pickup date is Saturday, November 23, 2019 at PTB Farm 3-6pm

Deadline to reserve yours is Saturday October 26

2019 fall meat sale

The PTB Farm Fall Freezer Sale is an opportunity for you to buy the highest quality meat at the best price while filling up your freezer and supporting ethically-raised meats.

Buying in bulk means you get all the cuts -- "higher dollar" cuts like pork chops or steaks, as well as cuts like sausage and shank -- all at one low discount price. In fact, you will get a whole, half, quarter or eighth of an animal raised in the best possible environment, slaughtered in a USDA-certified, humane-handling facility, and professionally cut and wrapped - all ready for your freezer!

When you buy a bulk meat pack, you get the opportunity to experiment with new cuts and enjoy the whole beast in new and exciting ways. While every animal produces a slightly different amount of meat, we have worked hard to streamline our availability and have put together lots of options to suit your budget, your freezer space, and your cooking style.

For our large packs we recommend having between 3.5 and 4 cubic feet of freezer space available. Small packs will need about half that, and the roast packs should fit into your regular freezer.



Step 1: Reserve your order. Visit us either at Greensboro Curb Farmers Market or at Old Salem Cobblestone Farmers Market to let us know which pack you want and to put down a $100 deposit. And/or email us at to reserve your pack

Step 2: Get your freezer ready make sure you have enough space to bring your pack home

Step 3: Pick up your bulk meat pack at PTB Farm on Saturday November 23 3-6pm Our farm is located 20 minutes from downtown Greensboro and 45 minutes from downtown Winston Salem in southern Rockingham County. Your pack will be cut, wrapped, labeled, and frozen for your convenience. We will go over each cut with you and help you load it into your car. Come for the 3:30 Farm Tour (approximately 45 minutes of walking around the farm) if you’d like!

Step 4: Enjoy delicious, AWA and eco-friendly pork and/or beef over the coming months.

Find us at Greensboro Curb Farmers Market or at the Old Salem Cobblestone Farmers Market to reserve yours! If you can't reach us at the farmers market, you can email or call us to reserve your bulk order: or 336 706 8612

We require a $100 deposit per pack to reserve your order.

The fall freezer sale pickup date is Saturday, November 23 at PTB Farm 3-6pm (with a farm tour at 3:30) Deadline to reserve yours is Saturday October 26


Large Beef Pack

$800 100lbs of the finest grass-fed, grass-finished beef. You’ll get an array of cuts from ground beef to ribeye steaks, chuck roasts, flat iron steaks, and short ribs. With this pack you’ll get a 1/4 of one of our fully-finished, 100% grassfed beef animals. You can expect about 20lbs in various steaks (ribeye, t-bone, flat iron, denver, skirt, sirloin), about 35 lbs in various roasts (chuck eye roast, sirloin tip roast, london broil, short ribs, shank), about 5lbs in odd bits (heart, liver) and about 40 lbs of our delicious ground beef.

small beef pack

$400 50lbs same as above but 1/2 the size! The small pack is approximately 1/8 of a beef animal.

large pork pack

$700 100lbs of the finest pasture-raised, GMO-free pork. You’ll get an array of cuts from pork chops and boston butt to sausage and pork belly. This is our “whole hog” package and you’ll get the luxury of eating high on the hog! You can expect approximately 18lbs of pork chops; 20lbs of shoulder roasts; 8lbs of shanks; 8lbs of spare ribs; 15lbs belly; 5lbs of bones; 25lbs of sausage

small pork pack

$350 50lbs of the best pork around! The small pack is approximately 1/2 hog.

mixed roast pack

$225 25lbs of mixed roasts and ground from both our delicious pork and beef. You’ll get all the best our farm has to offer to keep you roasting through the winter. You can expect about 8lbs of pork roasts (boston butt, picnic roast, shank), 8lbs of beef roasts (chuck eye, sirloin tip, shank), and about 5lbs each of ground beef (think: shepard’s pie; meatloaf) and ground pork sausage.