pork cuts

pork cuts


 PTB Farm Pastured Pork Packages are available seasonally. Our fall pork is finished on acorn and hickory mast as well as sweet sorghum grasses, and has a nutty and rich flavor profile. Our spring pork is finished on sweet clover and blackberry cane, and has a minerality and an excellent fat profile.


Pork Package pricing 2017*

*all packages come cut and wrapped to your specifications, price based on actual weight*

Whole Hog Package                                                        $6/pound

            approximately 125 pounds of meat                       (approx. $750 total cost)

 Half Hog Package                                                       $6.50/pound

            approximately 65 pounds of meat                         (approx. $425)


 curious hog

curious hog


 PTB Farm Grass-fed Beef Packages are available seasonally.

More information regarding pricing and availability for  beef packages coming soon









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