It was in the initial stages of farm planning some seven years ago that Worth conceptualized a grass-fed beef enterprise as the centerpiece of PTB Farm, with spurs of bio-dynamic vegetable production and a plethora of additional pasture-based livestock opportunities.

With Management Intensive Grazing and cow-calf experience as Worth's main farming background and interest, it seemed natural to construct a grazing system on the 30-acre hay field. Less than a year out of college and operating on part-time wages, funds were not available to invest in a cattle herd, so he dabbled in custom grazing calves for a local cattleman. After a few seasons at the custom grazing gig, investing in cattle was still out of reach, so Worth looked to hogs and sheep, which are much more affordable for small-scale production.

Worth never imagined getting so deep into hog and sheep production. But as life does, one thing led to another, and together with Hillary, PTB has had great success at both lamb and pork production, and we plan to continue production of both.

While all of this back story is not necessarily relevant to describe how we grow our beef, the story shows our course of dedication to launching a sustainable grass-fed beef operation. If you have tried our lamb or pork, or have gotten to know us, then you are likely aware that we take the utmost care in livestock production. This can be tasted in the final product. We believe strongly that ethical meat production can be among the most sustainable forms of agriculture for the environment, farmers and consumers. 

With our beef animals, and I may dare extend this statement to all of our production on the farm, we strive to mimic natural systems. Each day we move our cattle and sheep to a fresh piece of pasture, where they can graze on abundant managed pastures to the full extent of their contentment. This is where the management intensive grazing comes in, because we are closely observing animal movement, we can assure that the cattle are stepping into a paddock rich with fresh nutritious forage at its prime. These quality forages are what allow for 100% grass-based production. Depending on the time of year, we make certain that the animals have appropriate shade or cover from the wind, we also see that the stock have water, minerals and a low-stress environment. Beyond those routine factors which affect animal performance, we have selected for quick-growing docile cattle that have been bred to perform well on grass. Our cattle are a Hereford Angus cross, a common successful combination of tolerances for the Southeast.



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